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Bet on the 2009-2010 NHL Season

Tonight is opening night of that little league where people play on the ice.

Sure it's not America's favorite sport, it might confuse a lot people, and it's hard to bet on because of the low number of goals. BUT, like any sport, there are ways for smart bettors to make money.

Even if you can't name more than 10 NHL players, here are some tips on making more from your online hockey bets:

  1. Know the teams, all of them. Don't get caught up in betting only on the familiar teams. Because the league relies so heavily on divisional rivalries and because goalies can change a game completely, knowing the background of some of the heated rivals is good to know.
  2. Generally bet on goalies, not teams. Goalies are game changers, but almost half the teams run time-shares on the position or can often sit their #1 starter. Beware betting until you know exactly who is in goal. Any changes to the starter will result in huge line movements with nhl betting and a great opportunity.
  3. US media does not cover the NHL properly so use Canadian or fantasy sports sources to track nagging or unreported injuries if you have no other options. With 15 skaters, chances are half of them have some sort of injuries. How well you understand the actual injuries, not the listed injury report, will make you money. With star players in the 22-26 minute range (40-45% of the game), any minor injury can knock their time down by (10-30%).
  4. Beware of over-time situations. Making money from NHL betting is very possible and pays, but having your bet washed out by overtime can kill that rush. In tight betting matchups trend towards player bets or total goals bets. Betting on the Devils vs. Canucks might be too dangerous otherwise because of the quality of goalies.
  5. Pick on the sportsbook who are obviously not paying attention to the real NHL. Bookies are lazy and you shouldn't be. Find books that have easy lines, late line movements, and limited betting options if altogether this ads up to much higher payouts for you.


Line movement: low interest sports = high value betting opportunities

While the North American sports world is waiting has gone into off-season mode with the NBA, NHL on hiatus and everone's betting alarm clocks set for August for NCAA and NFL football - smart bettors can make their money by going against what they know.

Line movement in sports betting is all about bookies covering their asses. If the game conditions change, then the betting line has to move so that the book doesn't get killed by moving action. In the case of international sports or low interest sports, most sportsbook will have a single bookie handling them... very rarely.

We're talking sports like Canadian Football League (CFL), Major League Soccer (MLS), Minor League Baseball, or low seed matches at big tennis/golf tournaments. The key to cashing in off line movements with these sports bets is making sure you're signed up to an online sportsbook that offers these rare bets but isn't focussed on them.

If you're a sports bettor that wants to make money over the next month, start studying our CFL, find your bookie, then take them to the bank. It's hard enough to find an online live-feed for the CFL games but all the game info isn't far away. This makes the bookie's job hard but yours easy.