Real Kyper at Noon EP.008 – John Chayka OUT, McDavid to terrorize playoffs, Pens X-Factor

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It’s Real Kyper at Noon, Episode 008, and it’s finally PLAYOFF PREVIEW time, starting with the Pittsburgh Penguins (5) vs. the Montreal Canadiens (12) and the Edmonton Oilers (5) vs. the Chicago Blackhawks (12).

The NHL restart is nearly here, and we couldn’t be more excited to talk about the play-in round. Can the Habs match the depth of the Pens? Can Carey Price steal a game? Connor McDavid has never looked faster and could terrorize the playoffs.

But first, Kyper and Doug Maclean dive into some news around the league, specifically the John Chayka debacle in Arizona and what it means for him going forward and other young NHL general managers.

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