NFL Week 2: Line Movement staff picks

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Week 1 of the NFL season is in the books and the Line Movement team is off and running with an endless amount of content. Everything from waiver wire targets, to betting previews, to the entertaining show Tilt Space proving it’s okay to not win every bet, as long as we can all tilt about it together. 

Week 1 staff picks summary

The Line Movement team had an overall record of 13 wins and 11 losses between the eight members of the staff picking winners in week 1. The picks were pretty evenly split between both teams among the three matchups. A questionable no-call on pass interference late in the Cowboys game knocked five picks out and Gostkowski actually making a field goal for the Titans late on Monday night knocked out four Denver backers. 

We find ourselves in an awkward situation where the author of the article is the only one who went 3-0 for week 1. We’ll call this simply a lucky start and I’m sure it will regress to the median before we know it. For now, I’ll enjoy being at the top of the standings but Joe Holka, Geoff Ulrich, and Matty D sit just one game back after a start of 2-1. Below is the standings after the opening week.

NameWinsLosesWin Percentage
Matt Ramos30100.00%
Joe Holka2166.67%
Geoff Ulrich2166.67%
Matty D2166.67%
Matt Lamarca1233.33%
Peter Overzet1233.33%
James McCool1233.33%
Results after Week 1

Week 2 games

The three games for this week will begin early Sunday with the Falcons heading to the Lonestar state as they take on the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas is coming off a tough loss in Los Angeles and will look for a rebound at their home opener. The next game is Sunday night with the impressive Cam Newton lead Patriots visiting Russel Wilson and the Seahawks. And finally, Monday night will bring us a matchups between the Saints and the Las Vegas Raiders which will be the first NFL game played in Sin City. 

Week 2 staff picks
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