Colby Covington leaves VaynerSports. Negotiating Masvidal fight without a manager

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Although he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, Colby Covington has without a doubt cemented himself as one of the elite welterweights on planet earth. In order to defeat the current form of Colby Covington, one would seemingly need to be a top 3 fighter in the weight class at least. Earlier last week, Line Movement’s James Lynch caught up with the controversial Covington to speak about a variety of topics including his split with VaynerSports, leaving Dan Lambert of American Top Team, the potential title bout between Kamaru Usman & Gilbert Burns, as well as his likely fight with former friend & trainer partner Jorge Masvidal. 

On Split with VaynerSports:

“I had to let go of the management agency that I was working with. They weren’t doing their job and you know, they weren’t being transparent with my career. This is my career. I’m the one fighting, I’m the one putting the blood, sweat and tears on the line. Dude, you’re just sitting in your suits and you’re already taken care of. So if I see someone’s not actively working for me and trying to better my career and being transparent with me and telling me what’s going on, cause I don’t hear anything that’s going on from the UFC side, or what they’re saying about me. And I’d like to know what they’re thinking, you know, I’m here, I’m a company man. I’m here to fight, man. I’m the best fighter in the world. So I want to know everything they’re saying and I’m going to keep proving them right or wrong, and doing what I do best. ”

While no one publicly knows the exact reason Colby Covington parted ways with VaynerSports, one can assume that Covington’s controversial image and reputation might have played a role in their departure. It would seem like any top management agency would champ at the bit to have a former champion and currently ranked #1 fighter on their roster. So the fact that they parted ways not too long after signing together definitely speaks volumes. Another guess would be that despite VaynerSports being run by some of the most respected entrepreneurs in the world, maybe there’s a chance they don’t have the same “skin in the game” as more established agencies in the industry. This, however, is complete speculation, and I don’t have any facts to back these claims. 

Covington catches up w/James Lynch following his win over Woodley

On Leaving Dan Lambert, owner of American Top Team:

“Dan’s a great guy, man. Nothing but love and respect for that guy. We haven’t had any calls recently. I mean, it just happens now that I’m aligned to fight one of his fighters. Colby Covington incorporated going against Dan Lambert’s fighter, Street Judas Jorge Masvidal. So, we’re not going to probably be talking before the fight, but I’m sure we’ll be talking after the fight. And I talked to him a couple months ago and I still got mad respect for him, man. He fought for me during his time. But you know, it’s a new chapter now, times have changed now and there’s no hard feelings. There’s no animosity between either of us and it’s nothing but love and respect at the end of the day.” 

On Usman vs Burns not being booked yet:

“I would say it hasn’t been booked because no one knows this kid off the street, that’s going to fight Marty fake newsman. I mean the guy who is the guy, no one ever heard of him, I mean, who has he beat? What has he done? You know, he hasn’t done anything. So I mean, I know the fans don’t care about that fight. I mean, they could put that fight together. I don’t think they’re going to sell more than 10,000 tickets or 10,000 buys on paper view or wherever you want to put that on. You can’t put that on pay-per-view. That’s not a pay-per-view fight. You know? So both the guys are very unlikeable and just not good people and they don’t sell. So no one wants to see that. No one cares about that fight. And who knows if it ever happens. I think Marty’s sitting back thinking, you know, ‘shit, I’m not gonna make any money with this fight.’ So who knows? He’s probably weighing his options. Of course, he’s looking for these easy fights with lightweights or anybody else. He doesn’t want to see me in that octagon again, he knows what’s going to happen. He knows he got so lucky in the first fight. He knows he got every call his way and every call was against me. He knows what’s coming. I could see the look in his eyes. I could see the way he was talking, just saying the same thing over and over. I could see the fear and he knows what’s coming. He felt my power. I took a lot of brain cells from Marty-fake -Newsman’s head. A lot of them. I wobbled him multiple times and was about to finish him with the liver kick, but he faked the nut shot and Mark-not-so-Goddard let him get a five-minute rest and time out. That completely changed the momentum of my fight. He would have been finished in the second round. And then obviously the bullshit early stoppage that fake eye pokes, there’s a fake fight, fake ref, and it needs to get run back. Round two is going to be electric. This is Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington 2.0, now it’s going to be electric. You haven’t seen the best of me yet. And I can’t wait to come back and blow the world’s mind again.” 

On likely bout with former friend & training partner Jorge Masvidal:

“The dialogue on that potential fight was immediately after I got out of the octagon, Dana white came up to me and said, ‘Hey, we want to do you and Jorge Masvidal next.’ That’s a great fight. That’s what sells. It’s a money fight. It’s one of the biggest fights. It’s bigger than most of the title fights. I don’t know if there’s a bigger fight in the UFC right now than me and him. We’re definitely the biggest fight in our own weight division. So it’s definitely the biggest fight to make. It’s a pay-per-view seller. We can sell who’s the King of Miami man. I run the streets of Miami. He thinks he’s from Miami and he runs the streets, but he knows who daddy is. I’m his daddy. So we decide this in Miami, it would be great to do it in The American Airlines Arena. Do it on pay-per-view when the fans come back, cause you know, our great governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, just lifted all the restrictions. So, restaurants are fully open again. Places are at full capacity again. So there’s no social distancing anymore. We can get back to work and we can get fans in the arena. More importantly, fans in the arena for this fight is what it should be. And the hype behind it, you’re going to have America’s champion, me, verus street Judas Masvidal.”

No matter what your take is on Colby Covington, there’s no denying that the potential fight between him and Jorge Masvidal would not only generate a lot of excitement but would also be a battle between two of the best welterweights on the planet. Having the unique storyline of “friends turned foes” is something we don’t often see in this sport, especially considering how close Covington and Masvidal once were. Many hardcore fans remember the classic videos of  Covington and Masvidal wrestling in their shared apartment back when they were roommates at the beginning of their respective UFC careers. A lot of enthusiasts also recall the times that Masvidal cornered Covington in UFC bouts, as recently as Colby’s interim title fight versus Rafael dos Anjos in June of 2018. To take it a step further, the two were even heard saying things such as “us against the world,” as well as Masvidal referring to Covington as his “little brother.” It only begs the question, what truly happened between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal? Why do they hate each other so much? It definitely isn’t a political reason, as Masvidal has also publicly shown support for Donald Trump. It really makes one wonder, why do these two despise each other? I personally don’t believe it is a scripted rivalry either. The fact that Covington left ATT and moved to rival gym MMA Masters confirms the heat is real. MMA fans all over the world can only hope the UFC can come to terms with both fighters and get this fight booked as soon as possible. Colby Covington versus Jorge Masvidal is truly the fight the fans want to see. 

Super Bowl Ticket Drop
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