Real Kyper at Noon EP.63 – SHOWDOWN with Steve Dangle

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Today is a very special episode of Real Kyper at Noon, and one you all have been waiting for, the SHOWDOWN between Nick Kypreos and Steve Dangle. 

Dangle is a Canadian YouTuber known for his videos mostly consisting of content related to the National Hockey league and Toronto Maple Leafs, of course. He is most known for his Leaf Fan Reactions series where he reviews every Toronto Maple Leafs game in the NFL Regular Season and Playoffs. 

The guys dive into their previous “beef” where Kyper allegedly said that Dangle made some comments “with a losers mentality”. Can the guys patch things up or is this a war for life? Also what it takes to be a successful content creator and how long the process took each of them “to not be terrible.” . Dangle also released his own book titled This Team Is Ruining My Life (but I Love Them): How I Became A Professional Hockey Fan.

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The Showdown with Steve Dangle

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