NFL Week 17 Line Movement staff picks

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Week 16 recap

The final push for the playoffs is on and the three games used for the Line Movement staff picks last week all featured teams trying to make a run for a wild card spot or still in play to win their division. The first game saw the Steelers trying to break a streak of three straight losses against the Colts. They managed to hang out late and with that win, Pittsburgh has now clinched the AFC North. Seattle took care of business against the Rams and once again claimed the NFC West title. And finally, the Packers made easy work of the Titans and moved that much closer to owning the top seed in the NFC.

Heading into the final week of the season the Line Movement team is sitting at 62.5% winners. Matty D leads the way by one game over Peter Overzet. Geoff Ulrich is mathematically still alive but the season long contest appears to come down to two.

Final Results

Peter Overzet continues his winning ways with a 2-1 Week 17 to cement his title as the inaugural Line Movement NFL Staff Picks Contest! Matty D was in the running until the very end, and Geoff Ulrich came out of the gates HOT. Dominating the first 10 or so weeks of the competition, but ultimately couldn’t keep his momentum going to finish out the season.

NameWinsLosesWin Percentage
Peter Overzet361570.59%
Matty D351668.63%
Geoff Ulrich331864.71%
Matt Ramos341766.67%
Joe Holka292256.86%
Matt Lamarca272452.94%
James McCool232845.10%

Week 17 games

The final week of Staff Picks will begin with the newly crowned AFC East champs, Buffalo Bills, playing host to the Miami Dolphins who still are in play for a wild card spot. We then will wrap up the season in the most 2020 way possible; having the Line Movement staff try to predict the NFC East. It just seems fitting for this year. The first matchup is Dallas at New York where both the Cowboys and Giants are still in play for the division.  Then we finish with the Eagles hosting Washington on Sunday night where the Washington Football Team will be in a win-and-get-in situation. If they lose, then the winner of the Cowboys/Giants game will claim the East. Perhaps the Line Movement contest will come down to the final game as well.

Thanks for following along all season. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with my normal weekly golf content at Line Movement. You can follow me @sommbets5. It was certainly fun to cover the NFL contest in this crazy 2020 season. Stay safe and have a happy new year.

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