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LCS & LEC first-look betting preview. 1/19

A changing of the guard in both Western leagues.

What is the LEC? Unconventional Lol

A league of diverse styles, cultures, and innovations.

LCS & LEC first-look betting preview. 1/27

We can’t crown Team Liquid and G2 yet.

Maps in CSGO betting: Why they matter and more

Depending on which sportsbook you use, there are a multitude of ways for you to bet on maps and make wagers pertaining to the games rather than the entire match.

What is Overwatch? A betting guide

Overwatch is a team-based first person shooter (FPS) video game that was developed and published by Blizzard entertainment back in 2016.

LCS & LEC first-look betting preview. 2/3

We need to talk about “jungler difference”. It is a long-running inside joke in the LoL community that if your team is...

How to bet on League of Legends: From LCS to LPL

There isn’t going to be just one individual way to find success in LoL betting, and there needs to be a lot of research done if you want to develop a strong process.

Call of Duty League Playoffs: Picks and plays

Optic Gaming Los Angeles, or OGLA as I’ll use moving forward because Optic Gaming Los Angeles is a lot to type, is at this point a very different team than they started the season with.

LCS & LEC first-look betting preview. 2/9

Week 4 has arrived in the LEC.

The complete guide to CSGO betting

Knowing how CSGO's in-game economy works will put you that much further ahead of the average bettor.
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