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Maps in CSGO betting: Why they matter and more

Depending on which sportsbook you use, there are a multitude of ways for you to bet on maps and make wagers pertaining to the games rather than the entire match.

How to bet on League of Legends: From LCS to LPL

There isn’t going to be just one individual way to find success in LoL betting, and there needs to be a lot of research done if you want to develop a strong process.

The complete guide to CSGO betting

Knowing how CSGO's in-game economy works will put you that much further ahead of the average bettor.

Betting on Call of Duty: Everything you need to know

Betting on Call of Duty is a lot of fun and gives you a deeper connection to the games you already enjoy watching, but it becomes even better when you gain an understanding of how to leverage the games in a way that makes you money.

How to bet on Dota 2: Learning from square one

As lucrative as it can be to play Dota 2 professionally, you can make good money betting on it with the same dedication.

What is the LCS? Everything you need to know

Since the beginning, the LCS and its sister leagues in Europe and Asia have set the standard for what esports leagues can be.

The complete guide to betting on esports

Betting on esports can feel a lot like betting on traditional sports and indeed a lot of the core concepts follow through.

What is the LPL? League of Legends in China

Like Korea before it, China had a seemingly ready-made culture for LoL to succeed within, before the game’s launch there in 2011.

LPL and LCK betting preview for Sunday August 2nd

The first game will start at 3 AM ET and the last set of games will start at 7 AM ET. For anyone looking to start a long day of sports betting with some breakfast League of Legends, this article has you covered on where the value lies in these lines.
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