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Call of Duty League Playoffs 8/22 betting preview: Picks and plays

The Royal Ravens were severely outplayed by the Toronto Ultra in their last match, winning just the Search and Destroy map and losing 3-1 overall

Call of Duty League Playoffs 8/21 betting preview: Picks and plays

Whether you are a hardcore bettor or an avid fan, getting some action in on the game you are watching always makes things that much more fun, so let’s get things going

Call of Duty League Championship 8/20 betting preview

The Toronto Ultra started out the season in dire straits but turned on the jets about 5 weeks ago and haven’t looked back.

2020 LCS Summer split betting breakdown. Quarter finals

The LoL Championship Series (LCS) will commence the winner’s bracket half of their playoffs with a look at the two tournament favorites--Cloud9 and Team Liquid

Call of Duty League Playoffs: Picks and plays

Optic Gaming Los Angeles, or OGLA as I’ll use moving forward because Optic Gaming Los Angeles is a lot to type, is at this point a very different team than they started the season with.

What is Overwatch? A betting guide

Overwatch is a team-based first person shooter (FPS) video game that was developed and published by Blizzard entertainment back in 2016.

LPL and LCK betting preview for Sunday August 2nd

The first game will start at 3 AM ET and the last set of games will start at 7 AM ET. For anyone looking to start a long day of sports betting with some breakfast League of Legends, this article has you covered on where the value lies in these lines.

The complete guide to betting on esports

Betting on esports can feel a lot like betting on traditional sports and indeed a lot of the core concepts follow through.
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