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Even if this week isn’t the major caliber field that we have been given the past few events, there is still plenty of opportunity to find entertainment from a betting perspective.
Closing up 2020 for the PGA Tour.
Kim has been a model of consistency of late posting nine made cuts in a row.
The Tour heads into the desert.
It always adds an extra element of entertainment when PGA Tour courses play more on the difficult side. The final round of The Memorial provided that viewing experience on Sunday as the average score ended up roughly...
The road to The Masters
Being the last tournament of the regular PGA Tour season, last week’s Wyndham Championship saw a scramble to the finish with many golfers trying to fight their way into the top 125 and secure a spot in the playoffs.
Get your matchups and outrights here.
Gambling on golf offers an experience that makes a four-day tournament a lot more enjoyable to watch.
This week marks the beginning of the 2020/2021 season on the PGA Tour.
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