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Make more money betting on NFL Week 4

The most hyped about match-up of this 2010 NFL betting season is here. Everyone will be betting on Brett Favre wearing the purple against his former GB Packers.

So if everyone is betting on this GB vs. MN match-up, why are we telling you to bet on the Bengals vs. Browns match-up?

It's exactly because the betting public is distracted by some of the key games, because of the weak teams involved, and most importantly, because the betting line movements for this game have already seen it sway from -3.5 to -6 on some sportsbooks. These are the type of betting situations you want.

1. Games that the betting public may not betting on at all, leading to easier line movements when any money is placed on it.

2. Games where the bookmakers might not be focusing on as tightly as they should be.

3. Divisional games where the data, news, reports, and trends are all these to give you all the info you would need to place a winning bet while working the line movement to control your winnings/risk

NFL Week 4 is stacked with great games and we wish you the best on all of them. Don't get discouraged by last week's upsets, use them as a reason you need to control your bankroll even tighter so you can minimize risk and dive deeper into the data to support your bets.

Do your research, pick your big losers of the week, and drop your bets in now.


Bet on the 2009-2010 NHL Season

Tonight is opening night of that little league where people play on the ice.

Sure it's not America's favorite sport, it might confuse a lot people, and it's hard to bet on because of the low number of goals. BUT, like any sport, there are ways for smart bettors to make money.

Even if you can't name more than 10 NHL players, here are some tips on making more from your online hockey bets:

  1. Know the teams, all of them. Don't get caught up in betting only on the familiar teams. Because the league relies so heavily on divisional rivalries and because goalies can change a game completely, knowing the background of some of the heated rivals is good to know.
  2. Generally bet on goalies, not teams. Goalies are game changers, but almost half the teams run time-shares on the position or can often sit their #1 starter. Beware betting until you know exactly who is in goal. Any changes to the starter will result in huge line movements with nhl betting and a great opportunity.
  3. US media does not cover the NHL properly so use Canadian or fantasy sports sources to track nagging or unreported injuries if you have no other options. With 15 skaters, chances are half of them have some sort of injuries. How well you understand the actual injuries, not the listed injury report, will make you money. With star players in the 22-26 minute range (40-45% of the game), any minor injury can knock their time down by (10-30%).
  4. Beware of over-time situations. Making money from NHL betting is very possible and pays, but having your bet washed out by overtime can kill that rush. In tight betting matchups trend towards player bets or total goals bets. Betting on the Devils vs. Canucks might be too dangerous otherwise because of the quality of goalies.
  5. Pick on the sportsbook who are obviously not paying attention to the real NHL. Bookies are lazy and you shouldn't be. Find books that have easy lines, late line movements, and limited betting options if altogether this ads up to much higher payouts for you.


Why week 3’s NFL upsets will help you become a better sports bettor

Yes NFL week 3 did not go very well for many NFL bettors.

Yes you probably feel like the time the hot blond rejected you even after you bought her 5 drinks.

Yes the zombie MVP Brett Favre might have been the single reason you're eating $0.99 burgers today instead of a 32 oz steak.

Yes the Broncos, Titans, Lions, and Dolphins all threw a wrench into parlays, if bets, and teasers that looked great on paper.

Yes your winning streak might have come to a halt and your bankroll took a big enough hit for you to re-consider how you evaluate sports betting.

Just always remember that the NFL is one of the most unpredictable betting environments possible. With a limited schedule, injuries and weather both having such an impact, there is much more to consider than with basketball or baseball betting.

What you need to remember after a losing week so you can earn more cash from betting:

  1. Losses happen. Even the Patriots perfect team lost, Jordan never reached 80pts, the biggest payrolls in MLB don't guarantee wins, and Tiger is the best golfer in the world only 1/3 of the time. Statistics determine probability but can not pre-determine.
  2. The most powerful tool to deal with losses #1: Strong bankroll management skills like the ones we preach on dealing with controlling the line and balancing bets against popular support
  3. The most powerful tool to deal with losses #2: Very granular understanding of all circumstances related to the game including injuries, weather, situational trends, team morale, media weight on the team, coaching staff familiarity with the opposing style. Again we insist that to be a good bettor you are a master of knowing these types of facts, not the facts that drive media stories on ESPN about a single player or pointless drama.
  4. Monday Night Football betting and becomes even more valuable an unbalanced after an upset week. When players lose they don't know how to deal with it and need to prove to themselves they can win it back, fast. This leads to irrational bets being put on the Monday Night Football game. The betting line on tonight's game will move plenty, so keep your eye on it, monitor the stats that matter and use your football line movement skills to reduce the risk and maximize your betting winnings.


Week 3: Your best NFL betting opportunity

I can't even believe we're already on the door step of week 3 of this NFL betting season. All of you are familiar with the big story lines.... Cassel & Romo disappointing, Pats looking weak, the Titans under-whelming....

But if you read it's pretty clear that you are more than an average football bettor. You know the facts, data, trends, and purpose behind online sports betting. And more importantly, you know that line movements will make you money this season along with big sportsbook bonuses.

To make money betting on NFL week 3, keep an eye on the top match-ups because their lines are most controlled by the sways of the heard of the ESPN audience... not the bettors that know how to win.

This weekend monitor these games:

  • Bet on Carolina Panthers vs. Dallas Cowboys
  • Bet on Indianapolis Colts vs. Arizona Cardinals
  • Bet on New Orleans Saints vs. Buffalo Bills

The nation will be betting all over the place this weekend and if they follow any running stories about Drew Brees, Kurt Warner, or Jake Delhomme... they might move the line enough for you to reduce your risk and maximize your reward.

If you haven't aleady picked an online sportsbook, sign up now and get the biggest bonus you will find.


Betting impact of MLB teams clinching the playoffs

As much as the sports radio and tv want to keep talking about the Major League Baseball playoff races as being still active, almost every single one of them is done.

When looking at the standings the AL Central Detroit vs. Minnesota race is the only one with a real shot of turning into an all-out war 'til the last game.

What bettors and line movement specialists need to know is that as much as the media want every other divisional race not to be over, they are. If you want to make money of line movements over these last weeks of the baseball betting season, follow these instructions to pin-point your next winning wager.

  1. Isolate teams with injuries, they are most likely to sit key players (Boston)
  2. Target teams which will sit players in case of blow-outs, bad weather conditions, or have absolutely no change of missing the playoffs (St Louis)
  3. Find key pitchers who are reaching pitch-counts or need to rest to be effective in the playoffs (Beckett, Joba, Carpenter)
  4. Pinpoint the teams that have a bench full high value rookies or very valuable veterans that need to get into the rotation before the playoffs start (St-Louis, Colorado, Boston)

Once you've done these things, bettors that want to make money from MLB line movements now have a simple recipe for success:

  1. Follow weather conditions the night before, this will impact the line-up
  2. Keep an ear out for pitch-count talk from the coaching staff and decide how much that should effect the bet
  3. Monitor starting line-ups about 30-90 minutes before game-time. If key players are sitting and you see a good money-making opportunity, jump on it.
  4. Place your bets and wait to win.


Bet on UFC 103 / Bet on Mayweather vs Marquez

Saturday September 19th
A huge night for MMA and boxing bettors, much more than for actual MMA and boxing fans. While both events may not be the top-of-the-line match ups that the general public choose ahead of football or playoff-hunt baseball, these are the types of events that will make bettors consider putting their money on something other than betting NFL, betting NCAA, or betting MLB.

We don't want to sound like we're beating a dead horse here, but these overwhelming weekends of sports are the ideal scenarios for smart bettors like you to increase your bank roll and carry even more money into the meat of the NFL betting season.

Line movements depend on a highly excited public and with these events being hidden below a few layers of competing league PR offices, either the event lines will be managed poorly or they the action will be overweight against the general expectations of the action. The undercard on this UFC event may only receive 50-100 wagers at most online sportsbooks and that leaves alot of room for aggressive betting behaviour if you can target poor lines or lines that have moved strictly to cover.

Keep your eyes on the newswire and insider updates because you are likely to be able ot adjust your betting tactic off of breaking news much faster than bookies would be able to move the betting line.


NFL is back but don’t forget about earning big from smaller sports

Yes yes, NFL and NCAA football betting is back. Most of the country is jumping for joy (and so are bookies).

But please, please don't forget one of our top rules for making more money from betting here at - you make money by focusing on the non-mainstream game/player/story/sport/event. Bookies don't have the time, budget, or incentive to monitor small events now that the gold rush of September is back.

Even if you are a die-hard football bettor, take some time to study up on everything else on the sports schedule:

  • Tennis betting
  • Nascar Betting
  • NHL preseason Betting
  • Non-UFC MMA Betting

Stop being a sheep to sportsbooks, start becoming the player that you see on TV raking in the cash because you are smarter than the general online sports betting herds.


Beware of Monday Night Football, unless you know how to play it

Week 1 has pretty much come and gone for NFL bettors. For most bettors out there, week 1 usually ends up a financial disaster. As we outlined in earlier articles, there is no where near enough hard evidence of a team's 2009 play level and there is way too much background noise from the media and PR teams feeding you bad ideas.

Now comes Monday Night Football betting:
Buffalo vs. New England
San Diego vs. Oakland

What smart bettors need to know about Monday Night Football is that there is an ungodly amount of money put down on these games. If you saw the numbers you'd be surprised... it can often be equal to what's normally bet on 3-6 Sunday games.

Want to make more money betting on Monday Night Football?
Follow these rules:

  1. It always starts with research. You can't make money betting without digging into all data and news.
  2. Keep an eye out for special promotions. Refunds, kick-backs, free bets, free casino chips, etc. Books don't want you to lose all your cash right away.
  3. Do not follow the herd on MNF. Because of the high amount of cash being managed by bookies, and so many bettors trying to recover loses, the lines offered by sportsbook are highly swayed by the money. Line movements are a huge factor on MNF, so as soon as you see a media story that tell you people will rush to bet the opposite side of where you think the game will go, take that opportunity to cash in. If you can leverage two online sportsbooks, do it.
  4. Don't panic if this week doesn't go well for you. No one can stop the 80+ yrd tip hail mary TD passes or season ending injuries.


Make the most money possible out of sportsbooks with NFL betting: week 1 pt2

Ok, we're here. Season kick-off and is going to help you win more money from sportsbooks and stretch your online betting dollar.

As mentioned in part one, your advantage with NFL betting is highest now. Smart sportsbook bettors can make more money because:

  • Souring gambling revenues means more aggressive promotions
  • Sportsbook already consider now their make or break time to get good customers like you playing
  • Bookies are more concerned with managing both sides of the line than controlling the action
  • Most bettors can't wrap their head around reality and tend to bet based on media hype
  • Inconsistent betting play now will lead to better long term bonuses being offered to you

This is all about sportsbooks being to wrapped up in trying to get deposits and not being able to properly manage their risk right now. If you avoid being type-cast by their systems and make a killing off erratic line movements, you will make a lot more money than you normally would.

Remember, you need to act like their most important player and get more ot of your experience. Bet smart. Bet like its a whole new analysis every time. Bet like you are playing to get into the playoffs, not to win just this week.

Enjoy the NFL season kick-off and start your research as soon as possible so you don't get caught up in the hype.